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About Us


GoodPeople was founded on our belief in the power of business as a force for good, and its potential to tackle society’s big challenges.

Our mission is to create a better future for communities and individuals, by embedding social impact into our clients’ ‘business as usual’ activities.

We’ve spent the last 7 years refining our approach.  Along the way, we've delivered ground-breaking work with companies who now see their employees as ambassadors, and use their resources and influence to create social change.


Why it Matters


Caring about people as well as profit is rapidly becoming the new normal.

In an age of increased transparency and decreasing levels of trust, there are powerful incentives for change.

Where companies exist not just for profit, but to add value to customers, partners, shareholders, employees and suppliers, they build trust, consumer loyalty and employee engagement - leading to higher levels of performance, profitability and sustainability.

This isn't about charity. It's about developing people strategies and sustainable, resilient business models that stand the test of time. It's good for business.




GoodPeople exists to usher in new thinking and new approaches.  We are ambitious and passionate about social change.

We've always been at the forefront of social innovation through our work with forward-looking, purposeful companies.

We believe in our plans - they are built on strong foundations of a long-term investment into our craft. We have deep domain expertise in people, policy, social impact, technology and labour markets.

We continue to demonstrate our long-term commitment to creating social impact for disadvantaged communities. We have high-trust relationships with the organisations we work with, and have spent 25 years building incredible networks across all sectors. We're multi-lingual.


We work with people who are courageous and want to shake things up a bit

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How we’re different


We like solving problems, typically by challenging the status quo with innovative technology and new business models.

We are a team of social entrepreneurs, technologists, CSR and HR and comms specialists that have cut our teeth operating at the intersection of business, government and the social sector. We consider ourselves multi-lingual: we speak commercial and social…. And we tend to work with people who are courageous, and want to shake things up a bit.

We are entrepreneurial and driven to succeed, just like many of the clients we work with. All our projects generate measurable financial returns and social impact, as well as powerful stories that make businesses more attractive to work for, and their employees more loyal and more productive.