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Make a Difference

Our vision is for a world where everyone has access to opportunity, irrespective of their background and networks. 

There are 700,000 children in London living below the poverty line.  That's 37 per cent of all children in the capital.

Research suggests that there are 6 million ‘just managing’ families in receipt of tax credits in the UK.

Young people from poor families are three times less likely to be in a job or course after leaving school. They're also less likely to keep a job.

Imagine what could be achieved if we started to think differently about talent?

The business case for diversity, inclusion and contributing to social mobility is well documented; as is the imperative for business to act responsibly in an age of increased transparency and decreasing levels of trust.   Combined, this offers a powerful incentive for change.

 if government, business and communities work together we are much more likely to create a vibrant economy where all can thrive and no one is left behind.

GoodPeople bring together the skills and resources of your organisation, and support the effective engagement of local partners.   In return, your business will benefit from a healthy talent pipeline, cost-effective recruitment, stronger links with the local community and personal and professional development for your employees.

Are you with us?