We believe in the power of business as a force for good

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Our mission is to create a better future for communities and individuals by embedding social impact into the heart of our clients ‘business as usual’ activities.

We help our clients rise to this noble challenge, by acting as a bridge between socio-economic needs and their corporate objectives, by designing and delivering progressive people strategies that deliver clear commercial advantage, whilst making a high-impact, measurable contribution to the communities in which they operate.

Creating a legacy we'll be proud to leave future generations isn't only the government’s responsibility.

 Tackling the ever-more complex challenges of the 21st century needs to be a team sport.

Join us and make a difference.


Use your  people, resources and influence to create social change

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How We Can Help

We’ve spent the last 7 years delivering transformative work with companies that are responding - by using their people, resources and influence to create social change.

Our proven methodologies - often underpinned by technology - deliver powerful new forms of collaboration between business, government, individuals and communities:

Recruitment Strategies that help your organisation create deeper connections with the local community, and benefit from skills and local talent that are often hidden;

Corporate Responsibility Programmes that increase employee engagement, offer  opportunities for skills development, and tap into peoples' innate desire to make a difference.

We align these programmes with wider strategic objectives to enhance your employee brand, tackle skills shortages, develop your peoples’ skills, improve retention and increase productivity.

Positive social impact that also impacts the bottom line.


Our Work

The Shard

Our partnership with The Shard supported 447 Southwark unemployed residents into sustainable jobs. 

British Land - Canada Water Masterplan

Our partnership with British Land is delivering a local employability initiative across  Canada Water and North Southwark.

DWP Flexible Support Fund Programme

Our work with DWP/JobcentrePlus supported hundreds of long term unemployed people into good work.

Project Fortis

A platform to provide contacts, support and job opportunities to men and women leaving the Armed Forces.