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Designing and delivering exemplar Section 106 Programmes

With growing social and economic challenges, using developer contributions efficiently and effectively has never been more important for local authorities - if they are to successfully deliver their social and economic objectives.

We're supporting developers and local authorities across London to co-design and embed social impact programmes into the heart of their developments and demonstrate the long terms social and economic benefits that good development brings. 

We work alongside developers to design and deliver their Section 106 agreements, through shaping an approach to community investment that speaks to local authority, community and development priorities during the pre-planning process - and then working alongside developers and contractors to turn those plans into measurable local community impact.  


We have a proven track record in co-designing Section 106 programmes that directly deliver to local priorities, whilst generating significant social, commercial and reputational benefits for our partners.

Our model

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What we offer


Pre Planning

  • Research​​Council policy and strategy documents to understand political and corporate priorities and potential areas for social and economic impact.

  • Mapping: to identify key stakeholders to identify existing orgs, networks, on-the-ground-delivery. 

  • Engagement: local councils, partner organisations and residents to identify local priorities and insights.

  • Co-design: concept development, partnership development, strategy development - resulting in detailed impact strategies that demonstrate considerable public benefit to support the planning process.

  • Support: community consultations, planning meetings - offering expertise throughout the development lifecycle.  

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Post Planning

  • Providing fully managed employment and skills programmes:  building diverse local talent pipelines and ensuring local residents benefits from jobs created by the development.

  • Delivering meanwhile/end-use community projects: that demonstrate developers’ commitments to local communities, often going above and beyond baseline obligations. 

  • Collaboration with local stakeholders: developing relationships with local partners to deliver impact programmes that address to local priorities are reporting chronic skills shortages, and with the shift towards more diverse, inclusive workforces and a rapidly changing jobs landscape 

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Case studies


"These numbers represent real, positive impacts on the lives of Southwark residents and we can celebrate the achievements of this project in supporting local people to access economic benefits from the London Bridge Quarter development."

Nick Wolfe, Principal Strategy Officer, Southwark Council

The Shard

The Sellar Group

GoodPeople partnered with Shard developers, The Sellar Group, to deliver a employment and skills programme that would play an important part in transforming the London Bridge Quarter into a vibrant neighbourhood, that brings jobs, prosperity and numerous other opportunities to local residents in Southwark.


We designed and delivered a social impact recruitment programme over 3 years which placed 447 unemployed Southwark Residents into sustainable jobs with local employers. Our social impact recruitment was seen as a ‘value-add’ by Shard tenants, and enabled them to demonstrate ‘Responsible Business credentials in a simple and effective way - by hiring talented, yet unemployed local people.


This created a powerful socially-focussed narrative for tenants, whilst delivering clear commercial benefit – by helping to recruit high calibre staff from the local community. 

Chapter London Bridge


GoodPeople are working with residential experts Greystar to create and deliver social impact programmes across Southwark, that will meet and exceed the planning obligations set out by Southwark Council's Section 106. 

Greystar are committed to giving back to the local community and giving local residents access to the opportunities this development creates. As a result, the development is committed to delivering 77 jobs and 1500 career development opportunities to local students.


GoodPeople are the official delivery partner for this development, and are creating three programmes of work to support Greystar to deliver their section 106 obligations, and showcase their commitment to social responsibility. 

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Shoreditch Works


We're currently working with Linea to support their planning application for new development in Hackney, Shoreditch Works. 


We're engaging Hackney Council, local schools and colleges, community organisations and Hackney residents to design and deliver impact programmes that meet local priorities and provide to existing provisions whilst exceeding the obligations set out by the Section 106.As part of the development, GoodPeople plans to deliver: 

  • 717 Local Jobs and apprenticeships for unemployed Hackney residents 

  • 1500 Career Development opportunities for Hackney's young people.

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